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Power of Thought: Growing Energy Balls

Posted by jytmkh on May 12, 2008

By Julia Melges-Jablonski
Most of the time, we take a longer and more involved “route” to fulfillment than we need to, because we tend to focus on working toward our goals through physical action rather than manifesting them through inner vision. When we employ the law of attraction and focus our full attention on what we desire, we fuel the creation of what we want in our lives. The more we focus on a particular goal, the stronger its potential becomes. Through repeated thought or focus, we actually create a thought form that becomes self-sustaining.

When I first began an Internet-based spiritual counseling practice, I created an “energy ball” to draw traffic and business. I had discovered this idea in a small old metaphysical pamphlet. I no longer recall the author or even the title, but I do remember that it worked!

 First, define your goal. I had a very clear goal of a certain number in terms of daily traffic to my site, and a certain number of readings ordered. Of course, your goal can be “true love,” more free time, achieving astral projection, etc.; just define it in as much detail as possible. It’s also essential that you believe your dream is possible. If you don’t, aim a little lower until that higher goal no longer feels out of your reach.

Once you have a clear goal, set aside about a half an hour for the exercise. You’ll want to be able to sit quietly, uninterrupted. Make sure you’re comfortable and in a positive state of mind. If you’re having a bad day or have been through emotional upset, wait until another day. The more confident and positive your state of mind, the more effective you’ll be. You might even read self-help books or success stories just prior to beginning the exercise to get into the ideal state of mind.

When you’re ready, sit quietly with your eyes closed and your palms face up in your lap. Visualize the infinite creative energy of the Universe swirling around you, like a gentle whirlpool moving all around your body. This energy is everywhere at all times, you’re simply going to channel it toward your aim. Imagine tendrils of energy forming that begin to swirl into a ball just above your upturned hands.

Watch and feel the energy growing stronger. It’s vibrant, radiant colors, like brilliant gems. Red, blue, and green swirl together, forming a beautiful sphere of moving energy. Imagine this energy growing stronger, more powerful and more cohesive. Try to feel the energy pulsing just above your palms.

This ball of energy is going to fuel the manifestation of your desire. It will remain alive and powerful and growing, just like a plant will grow naturally whether you’re there to visualize it doing so or not. Just as the sun and earth fuel the growth of a plant, so will the Universe fuel the growth of this ball of energy, which will be channeling creative power to the fulfillment of your aim no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

As you hold your ball of energy, clearly visualize your goal coming true. Hold a mental image of success, and also imagine as deeply as possible how it will feel to attain it. Imagine what you might say or hear, what you might do or where you might be. Try to make this visualization as “real” as possible. The more powerfully you can imagine success, the better.

Visualize a chord of energy moving from your ball of energy into this thought form of success. The ball of energy is never depleted, for it is fueled by an infinite supply, much as the energy in a wall socket is never depleted. Your ball of energy is plugged in and will continue to fuel your vision.

Now choose a “home” for your energy ball. Again, it’s a bit like choosing a spot for a plant. You want an out of the way corner where it can grow in peace, where it won’t get in your way, and you won’t disturb it in your daily life. A corner of the ceiling works nicely. Stand up and “pick up” your ball of energy, and “put it” in its home.

Affirm to yourself that what you desire is already in the process of manifesting, and “thank” your ball of energy for bringing you what you desire. Assume that this will work, and visualize yourself in wonder and pleasure over how such a simple exercise could create such great results, and how a half an hour spent in conscious manifesting can change your whole life.

Walk away with faith that your energy ball will keep “growing” and fueling your success.


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