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The Art of Praying

Posted by jytmkh on May 16, 2008

I am burnt with the external chaoses. The hills which is supposed to be cool and calm is full of noises. More you force to alienate yourself from the thought process more you are thinking. The darjeeling hills is buzzing with the demand of separate state at the moment. The issues of identity, culture, development etc area proping up every moment. At such a chaos how can one be in a state of relaxation. even though one cannot control the environment but one can surely the inner environment. Now a days I have started praying the following way and the result is astounding. I have divided the prayer into different parts first:Listen two learn and third Obey. Without all three prayer will be a farce instead of a force. And  the three steps of prayer has nine sub steps which I am going to state them in sequence:

1. Decide what you really want: “You” does not denote only a preposition but the “whole” of you.For prayer is not a luxury, it is a life. If you take things from God there will be one result: God will get you or prayer will cease, blocked by the refusal of self giving. The request must be backed by you, or the answer will not be backed by God. God cannot give things to you apart from Himself, and you cannot take things from God apart from yourself. Prayer involves a mutual self giving. Decide what you really want, for if the heole YOU does not really want it, the prayer is blocked.

I have experienced this very recently. My sister’s family was having a prolong problem and the problem was not ending anymore. so one evening I applied this principle in my prayer. In the silence when I was trying to be aware of the real need of mine or what I really wanted for her family, you will not believe, it was so difficult for my body to accept what I really wanted for them. My body was aching, it was reacting because it was not ready for what I really wanted for them. In my normal prayer I always prayed for the peace in their family but it was a farce, my inner body had a different message because I hated my brother inlaw. In that tough evening when I with my whole being was praying for the better opportunity for the family to resolve their problem, my body was reacting because earlier I was hating and I even desired a breakup in the family. with great struggle I convinced my whole being and prayed with faith. and you know the very next day early morning I got a news that they have found a way to resolve their problem. they are united now and are living happily.


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