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New Delhi favors CBI probe into Orissa violence

Posted by jytmkh on September 1, 2008

NEW DELHI (ICNS): The Central cabinet has discussed the violence in Orissa and most ministers favored a high level CBI probe into the causes of violence that claimed several lives, a minister said.
Union Minister for Science and Technology Kapil Sibal told media on Friday that central government favors a probe by Central Bureau of Investigation into the communal violence.

“We would have liked ideally that this matter be handed over to the CBI as there was a need to render justice immediately,” he said adding that judicial probes usually takes more time. He said this when asked of Orissa violence was discussed in the Cabinet meeting.

“We have been a tolerant society. This kind of senseless destruction by individuals belonging to a particular organization shall not be tolerated,” he said.

According to laws a CBI enquiry in an event can be ordered only after a state requests for it. Central officials, including Prime Minster Manhoman Singh have already spoken to Orissa Chief Minister urgin him to take immediate action.

The Centre government on Friday reportedly asked the Orissa government, to take swift and strict measures to bring normalcy in the violence-hit areas of the state.

Reports said Central Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta spoke to the State Chief Secretary wanting to know what measures the government was taking to end the violence and book the culprits. (Indian


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