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Is BJP pushing Hindutva in Karnataka?

Posted by jytmkh on September 17, 2008

The attacks on churches in three districts of Karnataka has Christians in the state alarmed and angry. They are convinced that the state government is not doing all it could to protect minorities.

“We suspect that this could be the BJP agenda to target the minorities, particularly the Christians because we are a very soft target, unlike others who may retaliate against them we know. We feel because of this we are being picked upon by these extremist Sangh Parivar elements under the patronage of the BJP as a whole,” said former DGP F T R Colaso.

Karnataka’s history of communal tension does predate this BJP government.(Watch)

Chikmagalur district, where churches were also attacked on Sunday sees heightened tension every December, when saffron outfits insist on taking out a procession to the Datta Peetha – also the site of a sufi shrine. This despite restrictions and a history of communal flare-ups here.

Churches have been attacked in the state before. Back in the year 2000 a series of blasts in churches was eventually laid at the door of the Deendar Anjuman. The Bajrang Dal is also believed to be part of attacks on churches in more recent years.

Coastal Karnataka – a BJP stronghold – has been communally sensitive for years now. And it is clear that the state government is taking at least as critical a view of reported forced conversions as they are of the attacks on churches.

“We oppose this deceitful conversion, especially books, literature, pamphlets decrying Hindu gods and all that has come to light today. One small section that indulges in this illegal conversion believes that by producing such literature they can do something. Action will be taken as under IPC it warrants action. But direct attack on these places was unwanted,” said Karnataka Home Minister V S Acharya.

Now in power, the BJP has a direct interest in maintaining law and order in the state. And if this comes in conflict with the violent actions of other members of the Sangh Pariwar, the party will have to perform a tricky balancing act.(NDTV)


One Response to “Is BJP pushing Hindutva in Karnataka?”

  1. Could I have the contact details of the former DGP F T R Colaso, particularly his email ID?

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