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“Hinduism is most tolerant religion”

Posted by jytmkh on October 13, 2008

From the time, immemorial – Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, Parsees lived together in a sub – continent known as India. This Country was conquered many times from other countries; lastly, the British conquer India and ruled for many years. When the British was ruling – there was a saving that, – “there is no sunset in the British Empire”. Against this mighty rulers, United India fought against the British ruled and India got her freedom. The spirit of freedom movement was instigated by Christian first who opened Anglo-Indian society. The founder was Christian, who at last give the Birth of Freedom Movement after struggling Independence for more than 100 (hundred) years Indian got Independence. This speaks freedom of India movement was initiated by the Christians in the beginning-therefore; Christians contribution for the Independence of India is the Historical Record. But, the present Hindu fundamentalist seems to have only one eye, or as to why they are scare of Christians, and started destroying and torturing the Christians in India. Never in the History of India, Christians has done anything wrong against the nation or to the people of India, rather than the contribution and offerings of money in the Church are all spent for the down trodden and poorest people in India. For the last many years Hindus and Christians, lived together peacefully. As for example, I was given opportunity to go around the world at the expense of Govt. of India. In the town and cities, I used to look at any Indian, in those places, countries. One day, in Tokyo, I saw a Sadarji, with Turban, while walking, I run after him and we talked to each other in broken Hindi, and we feel happy that, we are from the same country. That, very moment we feel homely. This is the case, with every Indian, once we go out from India, no consideration of Religion, Custom Traditional and the Language. But one is an Indian or not is the feeling of every citizens of India. Therefore, the Kitchen quarrels of Indian family should be immediately stopped.
Recently, atrocities of Christians in India are increasing and the Christians are suffering in many parts of India. This Christianity is not founded by the present living people in India. They are simply followers of Great sons of Indians, who have written many Books about the Bible, Religion of different Books. To mentioned of them, Ram Mohan Roy, Kishap Chandra Sen, Nehemiah Coreh (Nilakantha) from Maharastra, Ram Krishna and Vivekananda, Brahma Bandhah Upathyaya, Surendar Singh, Sadhu Sundar Singh, A.G. Apapa Samy, H.A. Pilai, Narayan Vaman Tillak, Rama Nujia, B. Chen Chiah, V. Chalkare, B.D. Devenanda, Surjet Singh, S. Kulandran (Greece), Thangi Bhai fakir Bhai, Paul Sudha Kar, Jules Mon Chanian, Raymond Panikar, Mani Lal C. Parekh, K. Subha Rao, K.M. Banerjea, M.M. Thomas Ex-Governor of Nagaland, Swami Abhishek Damanda, A.C. Dharma Raj, R.H.D. Boyd, Dr. Baago etc, St. Thomas, personal disciples of Jesus Christ came to India in 50s B.C’s. This is the living witness which is found in Madras known as the Missionaries who first came to India in the Asian countries. This is how God love the people of India.
Those persons mentioned above had worked so hard to convert the Hindus to Christianity, through the Spirit of God. Christianity is the most peaceful and followed the principle of non-violence, because their God is peace of Prince which means Jesus. The Christian faith teaches not to take revenge but pray for those people who do wrong against them; Roman chapter 12: verse 14: Bless those who prosecute you. Bless and do not curse.
If it is not the prince of God, for the last nearly 10 (ten) years atrocities against the Christians, people of Nagaland in particular, and North East in general, would have resented and agitated against the Hindus. Even now you will see the Hindu priest roaming every nook and corner of Nagaland, and house to house, giving false promises of coming good luck and approaching bad luck, and collect money from the people. Nowhere there was or there are any incidents, or insult or tortured to those half naked priest, instead, Nagas give them food and sheltered in many places. There are Temples, and in some Temples, there is no Human Being, but, no body destroys it. During the Naga operation, where the Army was posted, in those places, Temples were erected and images of goddesses have been installed. Those images of goddesses remained un-destroyed, even though Army have vacated during the Indo-Pakistan, (Kargil) war. This shows how the Christians respect other religion and the individual faith. No Reverend, Pastor, Evangelist, and Preacher asked the Christians to destroy those images and Temples. It is written in the Bible in St. John Gospel-God is Omnipotent and Omani present. Religious teachers should properly educated and guide their followers and the Worshippers. In the words of or in the preaching of Sai-Baba (Shop Ka Mallik) which means every bodies God and God is for all Humanity.
Chief Minister of Orissa has to shoulder the whole responsibility that is happenings in the state of Orissa. Every citizen in Orissa is supposed to be his subject and it is his duty to make them happily survived. He should not antagonize or practices favoritism, to any community or any tribe. He should also understand that, the people of Orissa are spread all over India but majority of Orians people are in the North East and having Villages, in many part of the state of Nagaland and Assam.
If the Naga people behave like Orissa Govt. the people of Orissa will be in trouble. It is a shame on the part the people of Orissa for not finding out their culprit and started murdering the innocent people, without rhyme or reason. It has already declared that, Maoist had killed Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four others in Jalespata Ashram in Kandhamal District. It is a great shame on the part of Govt. and the people of Orissa for their criminal wrong judgement by killing innocent people.
It is a pleasant record of the Christians contribution for the struggle of India Freedom and upholding integrity and unity of India. These Christians concentrated helping the poor and down trodden people to make them lived and survived from the hunger and against the diseases, This is in the Bible James Chapter 2 Verse 26… For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without work is dead. Accordingly the faith is to help other while practicing this Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Bajrang Dal, and (RSS) Rastrya Sevak Sangh and other Hindu organization should not misjudge the other people.
I have to say this, because India is also a community of the Nations, which the whole world look upon us as a Nation. A Nation should be united with understanding, love, affection and feeling of oneness. There is no beggars in the Christians dominated areas, whereas, India is known as a beggar’s country. This shows India is not doing anything for the poor and down trodden people.
Whichever, Government comes; it is the duty of the Government to see that lives and property, economy and living standers of the citizens are advancing. It is none of my business to write all these, but as a Senior and prominent citizen of India, I have concerned for the people of India-towards advancement, and achievement in all fields. This makes me not to be a silent spectator when something is going wrong in the body of India Nation. Lastly, I appeal people of India, to jointly and unitedly work for restoration of peace in the country without considering, religion, culture, caste, regionalism etc.
As per the constitution of India, Government of India should dismiss the Government of Orissa, Karnataka, to fulfill the constitutional propriety, so that, such ugly occurrence will stop in the near future.
(The Morung express)
T.A. Ngullie
Ex-Finance Minister and
Senior Prominent Citizen
(Advisor) UNDP, Nagaland

5 Responses to ““Hinduism is most tolerant religion””

  1. Danny UK said

    Firstly, the UK used Christianity to justify the taking over of India and used the bible to distinguish between civilised westerners and savage Indians, just like they did in Africa, where they used christianity to justify that the westerners had a duty to educate the savages and free them from their religion! so before you go online and start to spout filth about a time when millions died due to the “white man” seeign the brown man as an animal used his faith to bring justification to the situation! Just like the chruch which honoured Colonel Dwyer for defending the Church in Jalianwala Bagh! Christianity has helped in India but does so due to the tolerance modern India provides and not based on the indian being an animal to save for the christians slvation! god bless and take care bro!

  2. flast in guwahati, property in guwahati, flast guwahati…

    […]“Hinduism is most tolerant religion” « Mental shift[…]…

  3. Nope!!! not at all… Hinduism is not at all tolerant!!! Hinduism is very conservative and more than that, are very much filled with pride and prejudice!!!
    In christianity, the most liberal Denominations are:
    Metropolitan community church
    United church of christ
    Church of Sweden
    Episcopal church
    In Islam the most tolerant group is:
    Al-Fatiha Foundation
    But hinduism is not tolerant at all!!!!

    • Mithun said

      Hinduism is the most tolerant religion. Christianity in India is being spread by conversions of Hindu people who are provided money for getting converted. Christian conversions in India are so inhuman that, a dying person will be saved only if he converts himself to Christianity! Since ages, Hindus have allowed all religions to co-exist in India, but when Christians in India went a step further by denigrating Hindu Gods in books and spreading them(to convert Hindus), it is obvious for the followers of the Hindu community to feel offended and revolt back.

  4. Piotrków Trybunalski…

    […]“Hinduism is most tolerant religion” « Mental shift[…]…

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