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Scared Christians in Kandhmal turn to Hinduism

Posted by jytmkh on October 14, 2008

On Sunday, Pope Benedict the 16th made a pointed appeal for an end to violence against Orissa’s Christian minority.

The Archbishop of Cuttack has petitioned the Supreme Court seeking CBI probe into the Nun rape case. The Supreme Court had earlier directed the Orissa government to protect Christians and arrange for extra security in the relief camps.

The situation in Kandhmal, one of the worst affected districts, remains tense.

Terrorised by the communal riots and having to choose between faith and survival, dozens of Christians in Kandhmal are embracing Hinduism, only to ensure they get back to their homes and live in peace.

On Sunday, 18 Christians in Sarangad, who converted to Hinduism, claimed it was purely a voluntary decision.

“We were born to Christian parents and stuck to the faith for so long. But we have realised we get nothing out of being Christians. So we decided to return to Hinduism. No body has forced it on us,” said Krishna Chandra Nayak, former Christian, Sarangad.

Under the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act of 1967, anyone seeking religious conversion needs to apply to the Collector and wait for proper police verification to ensure it is not being done under coercion or inducement.

But in Kandhmal on Tuesday the rules are different. You have to apply only to the local VHP head in a prescribed format and the wish will be quickly granted.

“These people had on their own given a written undertaking that they had joined the Christian faith but now they want to return to Hindu fold. I am only catering to their wishes,” said Adikand Patra, Hindu priest.

The 12,000-odd Christians, who are still in relief camps fear they will be killed if they don’t become Hindus. But the state government has done little to allay such fears. (NDTV)


One Response to “Scared Christians in Kandhmal turn to Hinduism”

  1. jessen said

    the true christians will never turn to hindus at any cause even if they are torchured by the evil.. they are not fit to be the child of holy spirit..

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