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First Hand narration of the Guwahati blast of a blogger at Himalaya beacononline

Posted by jytmkh on October 31, 2008

soulpower Says:
October 30, 2008 at 9:04 pm

BALDERDASH I SAY UTTER BALDERDASH! Mr Roy do u know dat the dead bodies were being carted to the secretariat which ia a short walk away from the blast site in order to work as canon fodder against the government in order to incite the people to the extent of rioting and a curfew to follow.I was there when the blast at Ganeshguri took place.It was my first xperience of a nearby bomb blast. Believe me I was at the Guwahati Tea Auction centre when the blast took place.The doors of the auction hall vibrated and the ground shook.The auction hall is like about 700-800 meteres away.I was quite lucky as I had just dropped into the auction to take the brokers pages for my office and was delayed as the regular guy had already taken the fresh sale pages.So I decided to wait for a while, which was a very fortunate decision because if I had carried on after getting the sale pages, then I would have ended at the same spot where the blast took place at that unfortunate hour. I thank my god and the blessings of my sis on this day that saved me from certain injury or death.I came out and saw thick smoke coming out from under the flyover in ganeshguri.It was a really horrific sight and what followed was even worse. I told my driver to get in and drive back to office.There was no way we could turn back from tha area so I made him drive on the wrong side of the road where theres an island to crossover into the other lane.As i made my way back to office, i saw one or two ambulances go by carrying the innocent victims.Then came a gypsy packed with 4-5 dead bodies and blood dripping down its rear end.That really shook me up and left me wondering what the world is coming to?
We grow up in our own blissful lives when it takes a day like this to shake you up and make you realise that ure living with terror.Godamn those terrorists and godammn our government.Infact goddamn the ugly underbelly of our existence that harvests innocent lives for some hardliners fancy.I hope that none on this blog or anywhere in the world may haveto go through such a day……………God bless u all!

Just look at those cheap and shameless SOBs carting the dead bodies of those poor souls in order to make a “powerful statement” in front of the assembly.These are the same people who go about their lives everday until they get an “oppourtunity “like this.I wonder if they had approved if their dead cadavers were paraded around like this.In fact after after I reached office I was online with my friends and was chatting with them about my experience.One of my good friends whos in the media had the audacity of asking me for photos or videos I might have.He was like “didnt u have a camera, didnt u have anything to capture it?” I just snapped back angrily “I had my morals…….i dont have the stomatch to go and capture peoples agony,plight and horror on my cellphone…u guys have it so all the best…….” Not an anti journalistic statement but just an outlet for emotionaly powered remarks after a day of horrific,gruesome and macabare images flashing before you……

Reading this narration I got a chilled spine. It is horrific. How could human beaing do this? No moral no conscience no love for humanity?


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  1. MZ said

    We’ve returned from the event.

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