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How Beliefs Affect Your Manifestations

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

I have been reading and hearing a lot on Law of attraction. I tried to practice it but the result is scanty or almost zero. I got hold of this article that answers my failure too. I am reproducing the article How Beliefs Affect Your Manifestations By Caroline Middlebrook. Enjoy and reap the harvest.

I’ve been studying this Law of Attraction stuff for over a year now and whilst I have managed to attract some of things that I want there are some things that elude me. Can your beliefs block you from attracting what you want? Yes they certainly can.

How Do You Manifest?

According to Esther Hicks, there are two primary factors that come into play with the manifestation of anything and they often conflict each other:

  • The strength of your desire
  • Your belief that you will manifest your desire

Most of us do not have a problem with the desiring part. Let’s take an example of money – many people want more money in their lives and for some people that desire is extremely strong but the problem is that they simply do not believe that they will be able to manifest what they want.

Beliefs About Luck

In the UK we have a game show called “Deal or No Deal” where players can win money. They have a box with an unknown sum of money that can vary from just one penny to £250,000 and they don’t know how much their box contains. As they play the game the banker will offer to buy their box for a sum of money. Last week a woman was playing and she said that all week long she had seen herself winning £75,000 and so she wrote herself a cheque for that sum and looked at it every night in the hotel. When it was her turn to play, guess how much she won? £75,000.

When I saw that I said, “oh my gosh, that is Law of Attraction in action!” but could I reproduce that? Not a hope in hell! I don’t believe in games of chance, I don’t play the lottery and so no matter how much I wanted something like that there is simply no way that I could make myself believe that I would win and so it is for most people when it comes to luck. Not many people believe that they have the power to make the lottery balls fall on their numbers for example.

Beliefs That Out Cancel Desires

People block themselves in this way in more regular circumstances all the time. Have you ever gone for a job interview and thought to yourself, “well I’m not going to get it”, before you’ve even had the interview? If your belief that you wont get the job is stronger than your desire then you’re not going to get that job! Whether this is Law of Attraction or just low self esteem at play – the results seem to be the same. Those people who are down on themselves all the time and have learned to believe that they are unworthy will tend to manifest that very belief.

Thankfully, our beliefs can also help us avoiding some of the ‘bad’ stuff in life. Most of us have strong desires about things that we don’t want and get what we focus on whether it is wanted or not so this can go against us. However the belief part of the equation works here as well. For example, most of us would not want to break a leg whilst watching television for example! But of course, as adults it would actually be extremely difficult to do that accidentally so most of us have a very strong belief that we would NOT break a leg whilst watching television. Our desire not to break a leg is very strong but our belief that it would never happen whilst watching television is so strong that it cancels out the desire so we never attract it, and in this case, that’s a good thing!

Skiing however, is another story… I went snowboarding last week and I asked a friend of mine if she’s like to come with me. She said, “oh no, I’d probably fall over and break something!” I tried to assure her that the beginners class is pretty safe but then I stopped myself realising that if she had a strong belief that she would break something then she probably would!

Beliefs & Health

What about something like cancer? Beliefs around that subject vary greatly. If several members of your family all died of cancer then you might believe that you will get it also. On the other hand if you have read Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life, you might believe that cancer is caused by deep emotional resentment and thus believe that having got all that out of your system that it would be impossible for you to get cancer.

Since reading Louise’s book, I don’t suffer from colds & flu. Even if I manage to catch one from a friend, it will bounce off me within 24 hours. I haven’t had a significant cold in over a year and there is no other reason than that I no longer attract them. My health is no better than it was a year ago. I simply believe that colds are attracted and that belief has grown so strong that they just don’t affect me. Last week I went to stay with a friend who had been suffering with a cold for over a week and she had caught it from her baby. She warned me of the cold before visiting and I said “oh don’t worry, I don’t catch colds” and she thought I was odd but did I catch her cold? Nope 🙂

Beliefs About How Things Work

When we want to manifest something, it is said that it is best to concentrate only on what it is that we want and not to concern ourselves with how or when it might happen but I think a lot of us have difficulty with this. For example, returning to the subject of money again, many of us want more money but if we cannot think of way in which it could come to us, we don’t believe that it will. A person who is in a low paying job who feels as though they do not have the skills to get a higher paying one and cannot think how money could come any other way will not believe that he can come into more money.

I feel fairly fortunate here as being self employed I believe that there is no limit to my potential earnings – but I am still not earning a living yet. Why not? Well, I’ve been looking at my thought patterns recently and looking at where I might be going wrong and I found several beliefs lurking beneath the surface that have blocked me. For example, I don’t just want money – I want a regular income and from my current position in my business I could not see how to generate one quickly. I have blocked myself just like somebody in regular paid employment.

I have since had a revenue idea but I know that my beliefs are probably holding it at arms length because all I have all these thoughts about how it should work, and how much there is to do to put the idea into place. If I could just let go of my beliefs about how it is supposed to work and just focus on the end result that I want then I might be able to get myself out of the way and manifest it a little quicker!

Any Others?

I’m sure there are many other ways in which we block ourselves from attracting what we want. Have you had any similar experiences?


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