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The Secret Law of Attraction

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

I am a great admirer of blogger ange. I get lots of inspiration from her writing. I am reporducing her latest column on Law of attraction.

From: Buzzing with ange By Ange

Over the last few weeks I have been aware more so than ever about the Law of Attraction. In life, we are all thrown challenges and the important thing to consider is how we deal with the challenges set upon us.

Occasionally we may just want to run and hide however, this does not make the challenge go away. Facing a challenge head on is the only way to resolve it.

You may remember back a few months ago when I broke my wrist while trekking the Kokoda Track. This made me face quite a few challenges. Afterall, having the use of only one arm is something I have not had to deal with before. One very perfect thing that came out of my broken wrist was the fact that my youngest daughter found her independence as there were many things I could not do for her. The fact that she would be starting school next year was looking a little dubious because she was always a bit reserved and would be considered one of the youngest in her class, seeing her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Today, she wants nothing more than to start school and seeing how much she has blossomed over the last 4 months indicates she will do very well.

Aside from the broken wrist, I have also had to deal with a big corporation (who won’t be named here) who quite literally took some money (a large enough amount) from me for which I have never received any goods or services! I won’t go into the boring details here suffice as to say that when you think you are right and the universal powers seem to not work with you, you have to question why.

The reason I have come up with is because I did not pay attention and I ended up in a big mess. This mess is something that I know will be resolved soon due to legal proceedings and the fact that I have reversed my way of thinking towards it. I have taken responsibility for this and although it has taken plenty of hours of research, phone calls and emails back and forth, I truly believe that whatever the outcome is on D-Day, it will be for my benefit.

My friend Sean Rasmussen released an edited version of the famous Napoleon Hill classic Think and Grow Rich a month a go and named it The Secret Law of Attraction which is available as a free download without any opt-ins so right-click on the image below to save it on your computer.

The Secret LAw of Attraction

Reading this book has reminded me that we need only ask and take action towards reaching our goals and making the things we want to happen to us in life happen. Feeling victimized never helped anyone and once I got over the whole “oh woe is me” attitude to the challenges I faced, my whole life turned around.

You know, none of us are perfect in that we always attract the “right” things in life, and manifesting is something we do very well. We may not realize it however, everything that comes our way is because we attract it – good and bad – so as they say, be careful what you wish for. We can go for months on a high and everything seems to go according to plan. If we waiver even a fraction to feeling down and staying there, then all things seem as they are falling apart.

The important thing is to know what you’re thinking and how it makes you act and react to challenges. Coming from a place of love rather than hate makes the biggest difference in the world to the outcomes we achieve.

Another thing is not to keep things to yourself. Really! If you have a partner/husband/wife to share with do so. If it’s your brother or sister or other family member that you trust, do so. Sharing with someone close to you not only helps get it off your chest, but could also help you to see the situation in a different light. It can help you to see a clearer picture. Please share with someone you trust so that they can help you from a place of love. This is important as the last thing you need is to attract is more of the stuff that will not be beneficial to you.

Shit happens in life. It’s what you choose to do about it that makes all the difference. I can’t be more clear than this.

I will leave you to watch this video regarding the Law of Attraction in case you need reminding of how wonderful life CAN be.


One Response to “The Secret Law of Attraction”

  1. lgifford01 said

    Great Blogg! I also am a believer! Lets keep getting the word out!!

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