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Riot-hit refuse to come back (orissa story)

Posted by jytmkh on November 5, 2008

Dwijendranath Padhy

Riot-hit people of Kandhamal who have taken shelter in Sourakuligam village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh
Riot-hit people of Kandhamal who have taken shelter in Sourakuligam village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh



PARLAKHEMUNDI: At a time when the State Government is claiming that riot-hit people of Kandhamal and nearby areas are returning to their houses, there are about 250 persons of the strife-torn areas who are refusing to go back to their villages out of fear.

They have taken shelter in two villages of Meliaputti and Mandasa mandals of Srikakulam district in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, 35 km from here.

As many as 109 persons of 35 families of Sarlaguda, Raikia, Nuagaon, Baliguda, Bataguda, Barkhama, G.Udaygiri, Tikabali and Suraballi areas have been residing at Sourakaligam village of Meliaputti mandal, AP, since Kandhamal violence.

‘‘Two days after the killing of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, our village was attacked and houses were damaged. Apprehending danger, we fled to the nearby jungle and from there, we walked to Bhanjanagar in Ganjam. From there, we took a bus to Meliaputti,’’ said Santa Nayak (30). When asked if she wanted to return to her village in Kandhamal, she said : ‘‘We are not safe there.’’ Similar is the story of 10-year-old Amulya of Barkhama village of Baliguda.

He along with his family shifted to Sourakuligam village of Meliaputti immediately after the Swami’s killing.

The pastor of Meliaputti said these persons had submitted a memorandum to the District Collector of Srikakulam through the Tribal Christian United Welfare Association, requesting help basing on which the Collector has asked the local tehsildar to submit a report.

Besides, there are 140 others of Kandhamal, who have taken shelter at Kumudhisingi village of Mandasa mandal.

Meanwhile, social activists of Gajapati have urged the State Government to take steps to bring back these people to their villages.  (Expressbuzz)


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Court asks nun to be present at identification parade

Posted by jytmkh on November 5, 2008

BHUBANESWAR: The nun who was raped in Kandhamal has been directed by a district court to be present at the test identification parade on November 10. The court of sub-divisional judicial magistrate at Baliguda issued the notice to the 29-year-old Catholic nun on November 1 after it was informed that the Crime Branch of police had failed to trace the complainant.


The court fixed November 10 as the date of the parade at Baliguda while hearing a petition filed by the Crime Branch investigating officer Dilip Mohanty. In his application, Mohanty told the court that the Crime Branch was facing difficulties in conducting the identification parade due to non-cooperation of the complainant who had lodged an FIR at the Baliguda police station on August 26 alleging rape. 

Though the Orissa government as well as the police had made several appeals to the raped nun, she did not turn up to assist the investigation. The Supreme Court in its order on October 22, had also asked her to assist in the probe. 

The nun, however, told reporters in Delhi on October 24 that she did not have faith in Orissa Police and demanded a CBI probe. “The court in its notice has asked the nun to be present during the TIP on November 10,” assistant public prosecutor B Loknath Dora told PTI. The court notice has been sent by post at the nun’s address at the Bishop’s house in Bhubaneswar.

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Sr. Meena Raped by Hindus while Police Watched

Posted by jytmkh on November 1, 2008

Asia News (

The courageous Sr. Meena Barwa speaks out on the brutal rape that she suffered at the hands of radical Hindus last August.”I was raped and now I don’t want to be victimized by the Orissa police.”
NEW DELHI (AsiaNews) – Here is the complete statement by Sr. Meena Barwa:

“On 24th August, around 4:30 pm, hearing the shouting of a large crowd, at the gate of Divyajyoti Pastoral Centre, I ran out through the back door and escaped to the forest along with others. We saw our house going up in flames. Around 8:30 pm we came out of the forest and went to the house of a Hindu gentleman who gave us shelter.

(Proud to be Catholic? Show Your Support Right Now! Virtual Vigil of Prayer and Solidarity for the Persecuted Church in India. Please Sign the ‘Catholic Action’ Petition!)

On 25th August, around 1:30 pm, the mob entered the room where I was staying in that house, one of them stopped me on my face, caught my hair and pulled me out of the house. Two of them were holding my neck to cut off my head with axe. Others told them to take me out to the road; I saw Fr. Chellan also being taken out and being beaten. The mob consisting of 40-50 men was armed with lathis, axes, spades, crowbars, iron-rods, sickles etc.They took both of us to the main road. Then they led us to the burnt down Janavikas building saying that they were going to throw us into the smouldering fire.

When we reached the Janavikas building, they threw me to the verandah on the way to the dining room which was full of ashes and broken glass pieces. One of them tore my blouse and others my undergarments. Father Chellan protested and they beat him and pulled him out from there. They pulled out my saree and one of the stepped on my right hand and another on my left hand and then a third person raped me on the verandah mentioned above. When it was over, I managed to get up and put my petticoat and saree. Then another young man caught me and took me to a room near the staircase. He opened his pants and was attempting to rape me when they reached there. I hid myself under the staircase. The crowd was shouting “where is that sister, come let us rape her, at least 100 people should rape.”

They found me under the staircase and took me out to the road. There I saw Fr. Chellan was kneeling down and the crowd was beating him. They were searching for a rope to tie us both of us together to burn us in fire. Someone suggested to make us parade naked. They made us walk on the road till Nuagoan market which was half a kilometer from there. They made to fold our hands and walk. I was with petticoat and saree as they had already torn away my blouse and undergarments. They tried to strip even there and I resisted and they went on beating me with hands on my cheeks and head and with sticks on my back several times.

When I reached the market the market place about a dozen of OSAP policemen were there. I went to them asking to protect me and I sat in between two policemen but they did not move. One from the crowd again pulled out from there and they wanted to lock us in their temple mandap. The crowd led me and Fr. Chellan to the Nuagaon block building saying that they will hand us over to BDO. From there along with the block officer the mob took us to police outpost Nuagaon, other policemen remained far.
The mob said that they will come back after eating and one of them who attacked me remained back in the police outpost. Policemen then came to police outpost. They were talking very friendly with the man who had attacked me and stayed back. In police outpost we remained until the inspector in charge of Balliguda with his police team came and took us to Balliguda. They were afraid to take us straight to the police station and they kept us sometimes in jeep. In the garage, from there, they brought us to the station. The inspector in charge and other government officers took me privately and asked whatever happened to me. I narrated everything in detail to the police, how I was attacked, raped, taken away from policemen paraded half naked and how the policemen did not help me when I asked for help while weeping bitterly. I saw the inspector writing down. The inspector asked me “are you interested in filing FIR? Do you know what will be the consequence?” At about 10:00 pm I was taken for medical check-up accompanied by a lady police officer to Balliguda Hospital. They were afraid to keep us in police station, saying the mob may attack police station. So the police took us to the IB (Inspection Bungalow) where CRP men were camping.

On 26th August around 9:00 am, we were taken to Balliguda police station. When I was writing the FIR, the IIC asked me to hurry up and not to write in detail. When I started writing about the police, the IIC told me “this is not the way to write FIR, make it short”. So I re-wrote it for the third time in one and half page. I filed the FIR but I was not given a copy of it.At around 4:00 pm the inspector in charge of Balliguda police station along with some other government officers put us in the OSRTC bus to Bhubaneswar along with other stranded passengers. Police were there till Rangamati where all passengers had their supper. After that I did not see the police. We got down near Nayagarh and traveled in a private vehicle and reached Bhubaneswar around 2:00 am on 27th August.
State Police failed to stop the crimes, failed to protect me from the attackers, they were friendly with the attackers. They tried their best that I did best that I did not register an FIR, not make complaints against police, police did not take down my statement as I narrated in detail and they abandoned me half of the way. I was raped and now I don’t want to be victimized by the Orissa police. I want CBI enquiry.

God bless India, God bless you all.”

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Bottom line: No food security in Kandhamal

Posted by jytmkh on October 31, 2008

Express News

BHUBANESWAR: Torn apart worldwide for the communal frenzy in recent times, Kandhamal has got a new label, and yet another dubious one. It is Orissa’s most insecure district in terms of food security.
  The no-railway, no-industry district is at the bottom of the table on food security index, according to the ‘Food Security Atlas of Rural Orissa,’ prepared by UN World Food Programme (WFP).
  The tribal-dominated district is not the only one at the nadir. For company, it has Gajapati, Rayagada and Nabarangpur which too have been termed extremely insecure.
  However, Kandhamal rules the bottom. In terms of food availability, it has been ranked 30th. Access to food index puts it at the 24th position. Ability to absorb, another parameter, leaves the district at the 30th position.
  The Food Security Index (FSI), as per this report, is a composite of three parameters including availability, access and absorption.
  While food availability uses factors like per capita value of agricultural output, percentage of villages having access to paved roads, proportion of net irrigated area to sown area and forest cover, access takes into account percentage of agricultural labour, SC/ST population, working age population and per capita monthly consumption expenditure. The absorption factor is all about percentage of households having access to safe drinking water and PHC access.
  The Atlas, prepared by WFP and New Delhi-based Institute of Human Development, revealed that going by per capita agricultural output, Kandhamal is ranked lowest (30th) while irrigation coverage puts it at 29th, just ahead of Nabarangpur.
  A district with such low development indices, Kandhamal having high forest cover has low net sown area leading to even lower irrigation and a pathetic per capita agricultural production estimated at Rs 900 per annum.
  The report was released by Abhijit Sen, member, Planning Commission, in the presence of India Country Director, WFP, Mihoko Tamamura. It has showed that rural connectivity to Kandhamal is the poorest, so are indices on access to safe drinking water.
  Interestingly, the report shows that only three districts in the State are secure while another six are moderately secure.
   ‘In the State, there is a contiguous zone of acute food insecurity – all districts of eastern ghats and the adjoining coastal pockets,’ it said. Tamamura said the Atlas marks the start of a comprehensive food security information system and will enable rational allocation of resources to the most vulnerable areas for improving food and nutritional security.

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42000 CONVERTED only 2 followed law

Posted by jytmkh on October 31, 2008

Sources-New Indian Express

KANDHAMAL (Orissa): There has been a 66 percent growth in Christian population in Orissa’s Kandhamal region, which has seen attacks on Christians and churches. Of the 42,353 who adopted Christianity between 1991 and 2001, only two followed law to change religion
According to data available with the district collectorate, the Christian population in Kandhamal was 117,950 in the 2001 census, up from 75,597 a decade earlier.
“The Christian growth rate in the district is 66 percent as against 18.6 percent for the overall population growth in the district,” District Collector Krishan Kumar told IANS.
Kumar said that the Orissa Freedom of Religious Act, which came into action in 1989, allows people to change or adopt any religion but all such individuals need to submit a form to the district magistrate.
“We have received just two applications not just between 1991 and 2001 but between 1989 and 2008. We must understand that every one must follow law,” Kumar explained.
However, he did not specify what action the district administration has taken to punish those who have violated the law.
Asked if he attributes the growth of Christian population to conversions, he said: “It could be because of two reasons – conversion and migration.”
Of the over 650,000 people in the troubled district, at least 53 percent are tribals, less than 20 percent Christians. Of the nearly 118,000 Christians, a majority has converted from Dalit families.
Kumar said that conversion, longstanding caste conflicts between tribals and Dalits, poverty and growing influence of Hindu groups among the tribal population had led to several communal clashes in recent years.
Ever since the killing of Swami Laxmanananda, a Hindu religious leader, and four of his supporters by unidentified gunmen Aug 23, anti-Christian violence has been boiling in Kandhamal.
While Maoists have claimed responsibility for the murders, the Hindu leader’s supporters have insisted that Christians were behind the murder. The Orissa Police are investigating the case.
At least 38 people including a Central Reserve Police Force trooper lost their lives in clashes. While over 3,000 houses, mostly belonging to Christians, were gutted or vandalized in Kandhamal, over 23,000 people fled from their villages fearing death.
“Yes, there is a growth in Christian population but that does not mean fanatics from organisations like Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad can kill people,” Hemant Naik, a rights activists from Udaygiri town, told IANS.
“While talking about conversion, we must also talk about reconversion. While no one has complained about their change in faith to Christianity, 62 people have registered complaints about forced reconversion to Hinduism,” said another activist, Issac Digal.

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Cong MP suspected behind VHP leader’s murder

Posted by jytmkh on October 17, 2008

With the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) alleging that the ‘killing of its leader Swami Lakshamananda Sarwasati was hatched in the presence of Congress Rajya Sabha member R.K. Nayak’, the issue is likely to get a new twist that might have lethal effect on the politics of eastern coastal state of Orissa.

The macabre killing that has resulted in the wanton anti-Church violence in the jungle-infested Kandhamal district has already put a big question-mark on the political will and administrative capability of Naveen Patnaik government in handling the situation. Now, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would turn the table to target Congress and its chief Sonia Gandhi.

Fifty four days after the Swami was slain by a group of masked men on the rain-soaked Janmasthami night in his ashram, the crime branch of the state police on Thursday claimed that it has now identified the ‘master-mind’ who at the moment is out of Orissa. 

Arun Roy, the Inspector-General of crime branch said that the conspiracy was hatched six months before the attack and Janmasthami was fixed to ‘execute’ 84-year-old Swami Lakshamananda who was carrying on anti-conversion and re-conversion campaign. According to Roy a detailed blueprint was drawn up by one local group while another group was assigned the task of killing him. The group used three to four Maoist guerrillas as mercenaries and money had changed hand.

The group that gunned down the spiritual leader was led by the Maoists while the rest of team comprised local youth. The Swami along with four of his disciples was sprayed with bullets, fired from AK-47. Later to ensure his death the killers slit the veins at ankles. Quickly the CPI (Maoist) had claimed responsibility for the killing.

Incidentally the crime branch’s revelation came a day after VHP national spokesperson Surendra Jain alleged in Delhi that the conspiracy was hatched in the ‘presence of Congress Rajya Sabha member R. K. Nayak’. The IG (CB) without naming the ‘master-mind’ or the religious identity of the killers said that a chargesheet would soon be filed in this connection.

Only last week Sabyasachi Panda alias Sunil, secretary of the Orissa division of the CPI (Maoists) had told a group of journalists inside the jungles that top three leaders of Sangh Parivar-BJP leader LK Advani and VHP leaders Ashok Singhal and Praveen Togadia were on their ‘hit-list’.

‘We will kill the trio whenever we get the chance’. The ‘most wanted’ underground leader reiterated that they executed the Swami because he was responsible for the persecution and forced re-conversion of Dalit-Christians. The state Maoist chief made it clear that they were angry with the Hindutava outfits for conducting forced re-conversion.

The killing of Lakshamananda had led to violence against the Christians as the RSS-VHP believed that Christians, not the Maoists, were behind the killing. According to All India Christian Council (AICC) so far over 50 people have been slain, 300 villages have been cleansed of all Pana-Christians and 17,000 sheltered in government’s refugee camps have been told they can go home only if they become Hindus.

Besides, more than 4,000 houses and more than 100 churches have been burnt. The council said ‘Orissa seems not to be a part of India where the rule of law operates, and the Indian Constitution remains operative’.

A senior Home Dept official pointed out the present strife between Dalit-Panas, mostly Christians and Kondh tribe, mostly Hindus or pro-Hindus, was the outcome of a cocktail of social, ethnic and religious divide that helped Maoists to set up their base.

While over 1200 Churches and 400 Christian institutions became an eyesore for Hindutava forces, conversion indeed had been a strong issue that had helped Sangh Parivar to strengthen its roots in Orissa and helped BJP to capture power in alliance with Biju Janata Dal. The decadal census figures of Kandhamal confirm what RSS-VHP had been apprehending ‘abnormal’ increase in the number of Christians.

On the other hand the Centre had threatened to invoke Article 356 of the Constitution to dismiss Naveen Patnaik government as it had failed to protect the life and property of Christian minority.

Now with the police claiming to have solved the case and identified the ‘master-mind’, political circles in Bhubaneswar believe that police might lay its hands either on R. K. Nayak or his men.

Nayak, a former bureaucrat, was considered the chief patron of Pana Christians and protector of the Church in the district. Nayak who served the Central government as Secretary was short-listed for the post of Union Cabinet Secretary during H. D. Deve Gowda government. Being a Dalit-Christian socialist, leaders including Ramvilas Paswan and Sharad Yadav had backed his candidature then. However some adverse IB report against him came as a hurdle. In 2004 he was elected to Rajya Sabha on Congress ticket.

Hindutava forces always suspected his hand behind the killing. Political observers said that if he is named in the case then the BJD-BJP government would be killing two birds with a single stone. In one stroke it would shatter Congress in the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls due next year while the NDA would gain. Alleged involvement of Nayak would also help BJP to target Sonia Gandhi. After all everything is fair in politics and war. (India Today)

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Maoists hired to kill VHP leader, claim Orissa police

Posted by jytmkh on October 17, 2008

BHUBANESWAR: The Orissa police on Thursday claimed that the mastermind of VHP leader Laxamananda Saraswati’s killing, which sparked a wave of communa


l violence in Kandhamal district, had been identified as a group which hired the Maoists to execute the crime.

“Maoists were given money to train certain youths of a particular community to eliminate Saraswati”, Inspector General (IG) of Police, crime branch, Arun Ray said, claiming the mastermind of the killings had been identified.

The mastermind has fled Orissa the IG said, adding “we will trace them soon.” The plan to eliminate Saraswati was made immediately after the December 2007, communal violence in Kandhamal, he said.

Elaborating on the probe by the crime branch, he said investigations also showed that a group had collected money from some villages in Kandhamal which was given to the Maoist group to train their youths for the purpose. At least 60 youths were given arms training by Maoists, the IG said dwelling on the inputs from three arrested persons.

Ray said members of a particular community were unhappy with Saraswati and held him responsible for the riots which took place during Christmas in 2007. They requested a Maoist group to assist them in killing Saraswati, he said.

The police investigation said six Telugu-speaking persons had fired at Saraswati and others and a trained group were guarding the ashram at Jalespeta in Kandhamal during the incident.

Refusing to divulge identity and religion of the mastermind behind the killing, the IG said Maoists only executed the crime.

While the motive behind Saraswati’s killing was clear, the sleuths gathered evidence against the people who plotted the crime not realising that it would trigger such large-scale violence, he said. (TOI)


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India PM warns on religious hatred

Posted by jytmkh on October 14, 2008

Al Jazeera English:


India’s prime minister has said that increased religious and ethnic tensions are threatening the country’s social stability and blamed those “encouraging” hatred and violence.

“There are clashes between Hindus, Christians, Muslims and tribal groups. An atmosphere of hatred and violence is being artificially generated. There are forces deliberately encouraging such tendencies,” Manmohan Singh said on Monday.

Against a backdrop of religious unrest in eastern Orissa and tribal clashes in southern Karnataka, Singh said the violence threatened India’s proud “inheritance” of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-caste society.

“Perhaps the most disturbing and dangerous aspect today is the assault on our composite culture … we see fault-lines developing between, and among, communities,” he told a conference of chief state ministers in the capital, New Delhi.

In August, at least 35 people were killed in Orissa after the death of a hardline Hindu priest and four of his followers sparked violence between Hindus and Christians.

Indian Maoists claimed responsibility for killing Swami Laxmananda Saraswati, saying he was forcing tribal people to reconvert to Hinduism.

They also claimed that the state government had “made it look like Christian groups [were] responsible for the attack”.

But Hindu hardline groups rejected the Maoist claim, saying Saraswati opposed conversions to Christianity and his elimination could only benefit Christian missionaries active in the area.

In India’s northeastern Assam state, 50 people were killed in clashes between Muslim migrants and tribal groups earlier this month.

Curfew imposed


The prime minister’s warning came as police imposed a curfew in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh two days after the latest clash between Muslims and Hindus which left three people dead.

The country has also been rocked by a series of bomb blasts targeting major cities this year which killed more than 100 people killed.

A home-grown Islamic group, the Indian Mujahideen, claimed responsibility for the attacks in Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and New Delhi, saying they were in revenge for attacks on Muslims across India.

Singh said in his speech that “there can be no compromise with terrorism, and terrorists have to be dealt with firmly”.

“We need to meet today’s mindless violence with the requisite amount of force but must also ensure that this is tempered by reason and justice which is the normal order of governance,” he added.

India, which is majority Hindu with a large Muslim minority, is officially secular.

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Scared Christians in Kandhmal turn to Hinduism

Posted by jytmkh on October 14, 2008

On Sunday, Pope Benedict the 16th made a pointed appeal for an end to violence against Orissa’s Christian minority.

The Archbishop of Cuttack has petitioned the Supreme Court seeking CBI probe into the Nun rape case. The Supreme Court had earlier directed the Orissa government to protect Christians and arrange for extra security in the relief camps.

The situation in Kandhmal, one of the worst affected districts, remains tense.

Terrorised by the communal riots and having to choose between faith and survival, dozens of Christians in Kandhmal are embracing Hinduism, only to ensure they get back to their homes and live in peace.

On Sunday, 18 Christians in Sarangad, who converted to Hinduism, claimed it was purely a voluntary decision.

“We were born to Christian parents and stuck to the faith for so long. But we have realised we get nothing out of being Christians. So we decided to return to Hinduism. No body has forced it on us,” said Krishna Chandra Nayak, former Christian, Sarangad.

Under the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act of 1967, anyone seeking religious conversion needs to apply to the Collector and wait for proper police verification to ensure it is not being done under coercion or inducement.

But in Kandhmal on Tuesday the rules are different. You have to apply only to the local VHP head in a prescribed format and the wish will be quickly granted.

“These people had on their own given a written undertaking that they had joined the Christian faith but now they want to return to Hindu fold. I am only catering to their wishes,” said Adikand Patra, Hindu priest.

The 12,000-odd Christians, who are still in relief camps fear they will be killed if they don’t become Hindus. But the state government has done little to allay such fears. (NDTV)

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‘Nun rape was shocking, savage’

Posted by jytmkh on October 14, 2008

The communal violence in Orissa continued for days. Nearly 15,000 Christians are refugees now. Don’t you feel accountable personally? 

We have been taking action from the very start of the violence. I visited the district to bring peace and calm. An officer has been appointed as a special administrator of Kandhamal. He will look into the problems of land and false certificates that cause tension between STs and SCs.

Have you also sent a tough political message to the Sangh Parivar, of which the BJP, your ally, is as much part as the Bajrang Dal?

Over 1,000 people have been arrested. These include members of the Bajrang Dal and the VHP. We will brook no violence or any breaking of the law.

Haven’t the BJP and Sangh Parivar done you great disservice? They were behind the Graham Staines incident and also last year’s December riots

In the eight-and-a-half years that I have been CM, there have been two communal incidents, including the one in December 2007. Both were in Kandhamal that is among the 30 districts we have in the state. There are more than one lakh Christian in Kandhamal. At the beginning of the violence, there were a maximum of 20,000 in the relief camps. Now ten thousand of them have left the camps. I am sure more will be leaving soon. My job is to see that law and order is maintained; that peace is restored; that the law comes down heavily on anyone involved in violence, communal or otherwise; and to deal in a humane and caring way with the suffering people. 

But Chief Minister, don’t you feel personally betrayed by the Sangh Parivar?

I repeat to you again that people from extremist organizations who have been involved in these crimes have been arrested. The law will take its course.

Will you support a Central ban on the Bajrang Dal?

We have heard media stories about it. That will be the Centre’s decision. My job is to ensure that that anyone who commits a crime is arrested.

That means you do not support banning the Bajrang Dal.

Bans etc. are in the hands of the Central government.

Will you implement the ban?

We are obliged to implement anything that’s legal. But let me put it this way…. We have taken stringent action against those involved.

So, you say if the Centre proscribes the Bajrang Dal, your government will be obliged to implement it.

Let me clarify. Many people at the NIC meeting from all sides thought that banning an organisation does not work. But the law will take its course against those who commit crimes.

That’s another matter. If there is a ban, will you implement it? You said you’d be legally obliged to do so…

I said whatever any government is legally obliged to do, it will obviously have to do.

If there is another Kandhamal type incident, what shall be your political response vis-à-vis the BJP? It’s after all a political problem.

I am not an astrologer. I do not want communal violence to return to any part of my state. I do not want to speculate on the future.

Don’t you think a greater responsibility devolves on you to protect the Christians who aren’t a major vote bank in the predominantly Hindu Orissa?

I have been CM for over eight years during which only two communal incidents have happened. Staines was murdered during the Congress rule in 1999.

But the same forces were behind it…

It was a great tragedy, a horrible crime. I then was a Union Minister and visited Keonjhar after the incident. It was a terrible thing. But it did happen.

The BJP’s Kharabela Swain first said the Christians, not the Maoists, killed the Swami. But after the Maoists claimed the murder, he said the VHP leader was slain by Maoists who are Christians….

Our crime branch will get to the truth. We have also ordered a judicial inquiry into murder and the consequent communal violence.

Who are they? Are they Maoists, Christians or Christian Maoists?

Let the crime branch get to the truth.

The Nun’s rape was shocking…

Yes, shameful and savage…

(Hindustan Times)

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