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The Secret Law of Attraction

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

I am a great admirer of blogger ange. I get lots of inspiration from her writing. I am reporducing her latest column on Law of attraction.

From: Buzzing with ange By Ange

Over the last few weeks I have been aware more so than ever about the Law of Attraction. In life, we are all thrown challenges and the important thing to consider is how we deal with the challenges set upon us.

Occasionally we may just want to run and hide however, this does not make the challenge go away. Facing a challenge head on is the only way to resolve it.

You may remember back a few months ago when I broke my wrist while trekking the Kokoda Track. This made me face quite a few challenges. Afterall, having the use of only one arm is something I have not had to deal with before. One very perfect thing that came out of my broken wrist was the fact that my youngest daughter found her independence as there were many things I could not do for her. The fact that she would be starting school next year was looking a little dubious because she was always a bit reserved and would be considered one of the youngest in her class, seeing her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Today, she wants nothing more than to start school and seeing how much she has blossomed over the last 4 months indicates she will do very well.

Aside from the broken wrist, I have also had to deal with a big corporation (who won’t be named here) who quite literally took some money (a large enough amount) from me for which I have never received any goods or services! I won’t go into the boring details here suffice as to say that when you think you are right and the universal powers seem to not work with you, you have to question why.

The reason I have come up with is because I did not pay attention and I ended up in a big mess. This mess is something that I know will be resolved soon due to legal proceedings and the fact that I have reversed my way of thinking towards it. I have taken responsibility for this and although it has taken plenty of hours of research, phone calls and emails back and forth, I truly believe that whatever the outcome is on D-Day, it will be for my benefit.

My friend Sean Rasmussen released an edited version of the famous Napoleon Hill classic Think and Grow Rich a month a go and named it The Secret Law of Attraction which is available as a free download without any opt-ins so right-click on the image below to save it on your computer.

The Secret LAw of Attraction

Reading this book has reminded me that we need only ask and take action towards reaching our goals and making the things we want to happen to us in life happen. Feeling victimized never helped anyone and once I got over the whole “oh woe is me” attitude to the challenges I faced, my whole life turned around.

You know, none of us are perfect in that we always attract the “right” things in life, and manifesting is something we do very well. We may not realize it however, everything that comes our way is because we attract it – good and bad – so as they say, be careful what you wish for. We can go for months on a high and everything seems to go according to plan. If we waiver even a fraction to feeling down and staying there, then all things seem as they are falling apart.

The important thing is to know what you’re thinking and how it makes you act and react to challenges. Coming from a place of love rather than hate makes the biggest difference in the world to the outcomes we achieve.

Another thing is not to keep things to yourself. Really! If you have a partner/husband/wife to share with do so. If it’s your brother or sister or other family member that you trust, do so. Sharing with someone close to you not only helps get it off your chest, but could also help you to see the situation in a different light. It can help you to see a clearer picture. Please share with someone you trust so that they can help you from a place of love. This is important as the last thing you need is to attract is more of the stuff that will not be beneficial to you.

Shit happens in life. It’s what you choose to do about it that makes all the difference. I can’t be more clear than this.

I will leave you to watch this video regarding the Law of Attraction in case you need reminding of how wonderful life CAN be.


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How Beliefs Affect Your Manifestations

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

I have been reading and hearing a lot on Law of attraction. I tried to practice it but the result is scanty or almost zero. I got hold of this article that answers my failure too. I am reproducing the article How Beliefs Affect Your Manifestations By Caroline Middlebrook. Enjoy and reap the harvest.

I’ve been studying this Law of Attraction stuff for over a year now and whilst I have managed to attract some of things that I want there are some things that elude me. Can your beliefs block you from attracting what you want? Yes they certainly can.

How Do You Manifest?

According to Esther Hicks, there are two primary factors that come into play with the manifestation of anything and they often conflict each other:

  • The strength of your desire
  • Your belief that you will manifest your desire

Most of us do not have a problem with the desiring part. Let’s take an example of money – many people want more money in their lives and for some people that desire is extremely strong but the problem is that they simply do not believe that they will be able to manifest what they want.

Beliefs About Luck

In the UK we have a game show called “Deal or No Deal” where players can win money. They have a box with an unknown sum of money that can vary from just one penny to £250,000 and they don’t know how much their box contains. As they play the game the banker will offer to buy their box for a sum of money. Last week a woman was playing and she said that all week long she had seen herself winning £75,000 and so she wrote herself a cheque for that sum and looked at it every night in the hotel. When it was her turn to play, guess how much she won? £75,000.

When I saw that I said, “oh my gosh, that is Law of Attraction in action!” but could I reproduce that? Not a hope in hell! I don’t believe in games of chance, I don’t play the lottery and so no matter how much I wanted something like that there is simply no way that I could make myself believe that I would win and so it is for most people when it comes to luck. Not many people believe that they have the power to make the lottery balls fall on their numbers for example.

Beliefs That Out Cancel Desires

People block themselves in this way in more regular circumstances all the time. Have you ever gone for a job interview and thought to yourself, “well I’m not going to get it”, before you’ve even had the interview? If your belief that you wont get the job is stronger than your desire then you’re not going to get that job! Whether this is Law of Attraction or just low self esteem at play – the results seem to be the same. Those people who are down on themselves all the time and have learned to believe that they are unworthy will tend to manifest that very belief.

Thankfully, our beliefs can also help us avoiding some of the ‘bad’ stuff in life. Most of us have strong desires about things that we don’t want and get what we focus on whether it is wanted or not so this can go against us. However the belief part of the equation works here as well. For example, most of us would not want to break a leg whilst watching television for example! But of course, as adults it would actually be extremely difficult to do that accidentally so most of us have a very strong belief that we would NOT break a leg whilst watching television. Our desire not to break a leg is very strong but our belief that it would never happen whilst watching television is so strong that it cancels out the desire so we never attract it, and in this case, that’s a good thing!

Skiing however, is another story… I went snowboarding last week and I asked a friend of mine if she’s like to come with me. She said, “oh no, I’d probably fall over and break something!” I tried to assure her that the beginners class is pretty safe but then I stopped myself realising that if she had a strong belief that she would break something then she probably would!

Beliefs & Health

What about something like cancer? Beliefs around that subject vary greatly. If several members of your family all died of cancer then you might believe that you will get it also. On the other hand if you have read Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life, you might believe that cancer is caused by deep emotional resentment and thus believe that having got all that out of your system that it would be impossible for you to get cancer.

Since reading Louise’s book, I don’t suffer from colds & flu. Even if I manage to catch one from a friend, it will bounce off me within 24 hours. I haven’t had a significant cold in over a year and there is no other reason than that I no longer attract them. My health is no better than it was a year ago. I simply believe that colds are attracted and that belief has grown so strong that they just don’t affect me. Last week I went to stay with a friend who had been suffering with a cold for over a week and she had caught it from her baby. She warned me of the cold before visiting and I said “oh don’t worry, I don’t catch colds” and she thought I was odd but did I catch her cold? Nope 🙂

Beliefs About How Things Work

When we want to manifest something, it is said that it is best to concentrate only on what it is that we want and not to concern ourselves with how or when it might happen but I think a lot of us have difficulty with this. For example, returning to the subject of money again, many of us want more money but if we cannot think of way in which it could come to us, we don’t believe that it will. A person who is in a low paying job who feels as though they do not have the skills to get a higher paying one and cannot think how money could come any other way will not believe that he can come into more money.

I feel fairly fortunate here as being self employed I believe that there is no limit to my potential earnings – but I am still not earning a living yet. Why not? Well, I’ve been looking at my thought patterns recently and looking at where I might be going wrong and I found several beliefs lurking beneath the surface that have blocked me. For example, I don’t just want money – I want a regular income and from my current position in my business I could not see how to generate one quickly. I have blocked myself just like somebody in regular paid employment.

I have since had a revenue idea but I know that my beliefs are probably holding it at arms length because all I have all these thoughts about how it should work, and how much there is to do to put the idea into place. If I could just let go of my beliefs about how it is supposed to work and just focus on the end result that I want then I might be able to get myself out of the way and manifest it a little quicker!

Any Others?

I’m sure there are many other ways in which we block ourselves from attracting what we want. Have you had any similar experiences?

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5 Keys to enlightenment

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

By Steven Aitchison

Are we all born to be enlightened, are some people there to help others become enlightened, do we really care about being enlightened and what the hell does being enlightened mean?

I would like to try and answer some of those questions here, but let me start by saying that enlightenment is a purely subjective experience and I cannot tell you what it means I can only tell you what I think.

What is enlightenment?

With all the books I’ve read, the TV programs I’ve watched,  and the seminars I’ve attended about self help and spiritual awakenings etc enlightenment has been described as a state of being.  There are some books that describe it otherwise and it is the latter of the two groups definition I will be working with.  So my definition of enlightenment is:

Enlightenment is a brief awakening of the mind when all prejudices and discriminations are momentarily set aside, and the world around you becomes a source of wonder.

The emphasis here is on ‘brief’.  I don’t think it is possible to be in a constant state of enlightenment but I do believe we get a glimpse of it from time to time and we can learn to experience more of these brief moments.  The trick is recognising the glimpses.

Have you have had an enlightened experience? It’s an experience hard to describe to people, one in which you were happy with your lot just for being alive, just for having the people in your life and just for having the intelligence to appreciate it all. It’s like momentarily waking up from a state of grogginess to a state of heightened awareness.

Think of the time when you first get out of bed in the morning, really groggy, you stumble about with your eyes half closed, you’re groaning as you try and fumble for the bathroom light, you stub your little toe off the end of the bed, the light from the bathroom hurts your eyes and eventually after half an hour or so you are able to function well enough to have a conversation.  Now, think of the time of day when you are at your peak, usually just before lunchtime, all your senses are working properly, you are able to do lots all the things you need as you go about your work day, you are in a state of heightened alert and your brain is in gear and ready for the rest of the day.  Enlightenment moments are the difference between the first scenario I described when you first get up in the morning and when you are at your peak in the middle of the day.  We are all half asleep in our lives and we are waking up year by year with little moments of enlightenment.

An example of one of my enlightened moments is when I first awoke from having a lucid dream.  Lucid dreams are the dreams when you consciously wake up in your dream, you know you are dreaming but you continue to stay in the dream and you can actually control it, it’s amazing.  I woke up that morning amazed, astonished and full of wonderment at the power of the mind, the brain and the possibilities of this amazing type of experience. I was elated and the world suddenly became a source of wonderment.  I looked at people with deep compassion, I looked about my home town and the beauty of it’s architecture , it’s art and it’s sense of culture.  I was on cloud nine for about a week and it was truly amazing, the world never looked the same after that and the people in it would never be the same.  I was much more confident and felt I had a place in the world and had something to contribute.  I didn’t concern myself about how people would react to me when I spoke or did certain things I previously thought they might disapprove of, I was totally myself and loving the experience.

That’s just one example of one of my enlightened moments and it changed my life forever, that’s how powerful an experience like this can be.  To you it might sound a little out there and you might not understand what I am talking about but when you have one of these experiences you will know exactly where I am coming from.

5 Keys to enlightenment

  1. Recognise that enlightenment is a purely subjective experience,  nobody can tell you how to become enlightened  as it is your own inner journey.
  2. Learn to recognise the little moments when you do become enlightened as they are moments you suddenly grow as a person and your brain suddenly plugs you into another part of the universe.
  3. Don’t go chasing enlightenment as it comes to you when you least expect it.  It could be something as simple as seeing your baby walk for the first time, feeling compassion for someone, reading a book, kissing your spouse.  Don’t chase it but learn to recognise it.
  4. Write your enlightenment moments down in a special book.  You might only write in that book once a year but you’ll be glad you did.
  5. Try and resist the temptation to tell everyone about your enlightened experience as nobody will understand it and they will think you are losing your mind,  which will detract from the experience itself.  By all means tell the people who are closest to you and the people who really understand you but not your work colleagues or your drinking buddies, trust me they will think you are losing it. 

I would love to hear you stories of enlightened experiences so feel free to leave a comment about your experience of enlightenment.



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Silent power

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

By Steven Aitchison

Silent power is the ability to keep something held deep within yourself therefore allowing you an inner strength and determination which builds up to confidence.

 When I was younger I used to think being quiet and introverted was a sign of weakness, to me it meant I didn’t have the confidence to be in amongst my peers. For years I tried to get rid of this and tried to be more gregarious and a ‘bit of a lad’ but nothing I tried worked. Eventually I came to the realization I was this way because of my confidence not through lack of confidence. I didn’t mind being in groups, I loved to listen to everybody else and listen to the banter. However I still tried to surround myself with people who I wanted to be like, all my friends were very outgoing, very confident, and quite arrogant. After a few years and an event that changed my life I decided to drop my friends, all except one, and move on. After this I became much more comfortable with who I was and I loved being the strong, silent mysterious type. Ironically I became more outgoing but still kept that inner silence.

Inner Strength

Being silent has strength about it. Have you ever held onto a secret for someone? They’ve made you promise not to tell anyone and it was a really juicy secret? How did it feel when the secret eventually came out and the person who told you not to tell anyone knew it wasn’t you it came from? I would guess you felt proud, strong and a closer connection to the person. Now have you ever done the opposite? told the secret you weren’t supposed to, how did you feel then? Exactly the opposite: disappointed in yourself, disloyal, etc.

Keeping things to yourself, in an unselfish way, has a strength which is manifested
in your personality and subsequently your aural energy. Your aural energy is
the energy you give off every day, people cannot necessarily see it but somehow
they can feel it and sense it coming from you. People who brag about themselves
all the time lose this energy and have to gain it from somewhere else, they
want to feel important so they brag and boost stealing energy from people that
give them attention.

I remember when I was a teenager my friends used to brag about the girls they had been with and something inside me thought it was wrong to ‘kiss and tell’ so when I went out with a girl I didn’t say anything, I usually said ‘we had a good night’ and left it at that. I once told the whole sordid details and ended up feeling shit about myself, the girl I had bragged about felt shit, and a lot of other people thought I was a right shit, needless to say I never ever did it again.

The next time you feel like bragging or boosting about something or giving away a secret, try your hardest to hold onto it and see how much inner power it gives you and how strong you feel after it. Once you’ve felt this power you will never want to tell another persons secret or brag again.

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Having A Vision

Posted by jytmkh on August 8, 2008

Whether you liked his politics or not, much can be learned from the life of former President Clinton. Grolier’s “New Book of Knowledge” reports that as a teenager “Clinton thought of becoming a doctor or a reporter or even a musician. But after a fateful meeting with President John F. Kennedy, while still in high school, he made up his mind to enter politics.” At that moment a vision was born that he would hold onto – that he would glorify in his mind over and over – for the next 30 years, until he himself was elected President at the age of 46.
Jay Leno, who succeeded the venerable Johnny Carson as host of “The Tonight Show,” first envisioned that he would be the host when he was just 22-years-old and unknown and unproven as a comedian, much less as host of a show of such regard. For twenty years he enthroned in his heart an ideal that most people would have thought was “foolish, outlandish and impossible.”
The ancient writer tells us in Proverbs that “Without a vision, the people perish.” And Thoreau told us that “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” No doubt because the masses are without a vision for their lives.
What is your vision for your future, your ideal life? Is it written down? Do you review it and think about it often? Have you “enthroned” it in your heart? Is your life organized around goals and objectives that will ensure your vision is reached?
Wallace D. Wattles, wrote “There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world.” And yet it is the “sustained and consecutive thought” about our vision that is the first and primary labor of achievement.
Thoreau also wrote one of my favorite passages of all time. And it gives us the best reason there is to stop what you’re doing today and identify the vision for your life. “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
And that’s worth thinking about!

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Gifts From the Heart

Posted by jytmkh on August 8, 2008

According to legend, a young man while roaming the desert came across a spring of delicious crystal-clear water. The water was so sweet he filled his leather canteen so he could bring some back to a tribal elder who had been his teacher. After a four-day journey he presented the water to the old man who took a deep drink, smiled warmly and thanked his student lavishly for the sweet water. The young man returned to his village with a happy heart.
Later, the teacher let another student taste the water. He spat it out, saying it was awful. It apparently had become stale because of the old leather container. The student challenged his teacher: “Master, the water was foul. Why did you pretend to like it?”
The teacher replied, “You only tasted the water. I tasted the gift. The water was simply the container for an act of loving-kindness and nothing could be sweeter. Heartfelt gifts deserve the return gift of gratitude.”
I think we understand this lesson best when we receive innocent gifts of love from young children. Whether it’s a ceramic tray or a macaroni bracelet, the natural and proper response is appreciation and expressed thankfulness because we love the idea within the gift.
Gratitude doesn’t always come naturally. Unfortunately, most children and many adults value only the thing given rather than the feeling embodied in it. We should remind ourselves and teach our children about the beauty and purity of feelings and expressions of gratitude. After all, gifts from the heart are really gifts of the heart.

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A Salesman Story

Posted by jytmkh on August 8, 2008

A salesman had a flat tire somewhere out in the countryside.

He opened his trunk and looked for his jack… but it wasn’t

“Hum, now what do I do,” he thought.

Since he was stranded on a small country road on a hot summer
day, he doubted anyone would drive by to help. Seeing the
spire of a church in the distance, he decided to walk to the
nearest village and borrow a jack. It was a long way, and the
day was very hot. On the way he thought, “I hope someone in
that town has a jack they can lend me.”

He walked some more, sweating profusely, and then thought,
“I know what the people around here are like. They don’t take
kindly to strangers.”

He walked a little further, thinking, “Since they don’t
know me, I really don’t thing anyone is going to lend me a jack.”

And so he continued walking and imagining the worst possible
outcome to his predicament… No one in the town would be
willing to lend him a jack, people would be so suspicious
they’d even refuse to sell him one, and so on.

By the time he got to the village he was so upset he went
to the square in the middle of town and started shouting,
“All right, since that’s the way you feel, you can keep your
damn jack!”

o 0 o

How often have you invented all kinds of seemingly
insurmountable obstacles and unfounded fears? Think about
it , how many times have you not asked for something
because you were afraid to be refused?



“Many people mistake thinking for reorganizing the thoughts
they already have.”
William James


If you enjoy inspirational texts like this one,
why not share them with friends and family members?

Simply forward this message and offer them a free subscription
to the Positive-Club.

Double-click on this link:

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Practice Gratitude To Transform Your Life

Posted by jytmkh on May 22, 2008

True inner transformation will come to you when you practice gratitude. Follow these steps to develop an attitude of gratitude. THE best way to raise your vibration and attract what you desire.I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to practice gratitude when you are following your path to personal development growth.

You should think of it not only as a tool for transformation but as a way of life.  

Now, if you have wrapped your mind around the fact that we are all energy then you realize there is no separation and we are all connected. Everything is energy with it’s own rate of vibration that attracts things of like vibrations to it. That of course includes our thoughts. And thoughts and feelings of gratitude are some of the most powerful and they allow for great positive shifts to occur.


#1. BE THANKFUL IN ADVANCE: It has been said that the most powerful form of gratitude is the kind which you express in advance of your actual experience. The expression of faith that this requires allows for the most effective type of vibrational shift.

#2. FIND THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR IN BAD SITUATIONS: Focus on someone you have a conflict with or on a negative emotional situation in your life. You then look for things to be grateful for in those situations. They may not be obvious, but they are ALWAYS there.

Be grateful… that you only have to deal with this person once a month, that if it weren’t for this situation – you wouldn’t have met a new friend, that this situation now offers an opportunity for growth…

A newer, more positive energy will be come from this especially since you had to look deeper into yourself to find the gratitude.


KEEP A GRATITUDE JOURNAL: It’s a good practice to take 10 minutes a day to write down things you are grateful for and that bring you joy. They can be big or small as long as you tune into the feelings of gratitude for having them in your life right now.

Be grateful for: a stress-free commute to work, a call you got from an old friend, a delicious meal, a hug from your child, a compliment you received from your boss, a great night’s sleep, an invigorating workout…

DO A GRATITUDE WALK: As you’re strolling with the kids, walking the dog, or doing your chores, look around and rattle off as many things as you can think of to be grateful for. Tell the Universe out loud what you love about your life.

HAVE A GRATITUDE ROCK: This is something I first saw in The Secret movie. Find a small rock and keep it with you throughout the day and let it remind you to state something you’re grateful for whenever you touch it.

WATCH A GRATITUDE AFFIRMATION VIDEO: Go to for free 2 minute affirmation videos. Make it part of your daily ritual to practice gratitude.

WRITE A GRATITUDE LETTER: Write a mock letter to someone very important in your life who would be excited for your news. Tell them how grateful you are about this wonderful thing that has happened in your life. Doing this exercise will bring about intense emotions and will put you in a joyful, grateful vibration.

“Hi Julia, The most exciting thing happened this week… I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. I went to the gym on Saturday and was working out when I ran into an old friend. I hadn’t seen her since we were in school together. We got to talking about dating and she mentioned that she knew a guy whoshe thought would be great for me. He sounded really nice. She’s going to give him my number to call me for a date. I am SO grateful that I ran into her. It’s really exciting to think I might meet someone really special.”

TIP: You can even write this “as if” that something happened to try and attract it into your life.

DO THE MIRROR EXERCISE: Talk to yourself out loud while looking into a mirror. Express your gratitude and appreciation. If you use EFT, tap around at the same time. Later on, you can use this image of yourself tapping in a visualization for a quick, enhanced gratitude refresher.

Just make sure you practice gratitude every day. Create a routine that’s easy and sustainable.

When it comes to creating and experiencing the kind of life you want, it’s a law of the Universe that it will always deliver in the right time for the right vibration of your body.

So if you practice gratitude, you will energetically raise your vibration and speed up the process of attracting what you desire.

There is truly NO BETTER WAY to do that than when you are in a state of gratitude.

The article Practice Gratitude To Transform Your Life was written by Sandy Bidinger

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