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Christian-Muslim statement on world financial crisis

Posted by jytmkh on October 16, 2008

The Common Word group of Muslim scholars met Christian leaders and theologians in Cambridge and London this week. Discussions in this interfaith dialogue have mostly been theological, based on the idea that the love of God and neighbour is a core dogma of both religions. In a statement on Wednesday, they included a paragraph about the world financial crisis. There have been lots of comments from various faith leaders about the crisis, but this is the first Christian-Muslim statement I’ve seen.

Here’s the paragraph:

We live in an increasingly global world that brings with it increased interdependence.  The closer we are drawn together by this globalisation and interdependence, the more urgent is the need to understand and respect one another in order to find a way out of our troubles.  Meeting at a time of great turbulence in the world financial system our hearts go out to the many people throughout the world whose lives and livelihood are affected by the current crisis.  When a crisis of this magnitude occurs, we are all tempted to think solely of ourselves and our families and ignore the treatment of minorities and the less fortunate.  In this conference we are celebrating the shared values of love of God and love of neighbour, the basis of A Common Word, whilst reflecting self-critically on how often we fall short of these standards.  We believe that the divine commandment to love our neighbour should prompt all people to act with compassion towards others, to fulfil their duty of helping to alleviate misery and hardship.  It is out of an understanding of shared values that we urge world leaders and our faithful everywhere to act together to ensure that the burden of this financial crisis, and also the global environmental crisis, does not fall unevenly on the weak and the poor.  We must seize the opportunity for implementing a more equitable global economic system that also respects our role as stewards of the earth’s resources.

Do you see any link between faith and the financial crisis? Could this crisis lead to tensions between people of different religions — or bring them closer together?

Cranmer’s Comment: Christian-Muslim statement on the global financial crisis

This could, of course, be a Jewish-Christian-Muslim-Hindu-Sikh-Buddhist-Jedi Knight statement, and it is all very pleasant indeed. Words are nice, especially the word nice, but they do not feed the starving, house the homeless, heal the depressed, of provide jobs for the unemployed. And where is there any mention of prayer?

It is one thing to talk of respect and understanding on a human level, for this is the very nexus of loving one’s neighbour. But talking of the ‘shared values of love of God and love of neighbour’ is precisely the sort of pseudo-theological multi-faith pap which confuses the faithful and leads people astray. Jesus defined one’s neighbour as everyone, including our enemies. The Qur’an makes it clear that the Muslim’s neighbours are ranked, with the kuffar treated somewhat differently from the ummah. The God of the Christians is not the God of the Muslims. One is YHWH, the other is Allah; one is immanent, the other is aloof; one has revealed himself, the other cannot be revealed; one is Father, the other is unknown and unknowable; one became man and dwelt among us; the other cannot condescend; one is mutable and responsive, the other is immutable and immovable; one is agape, the other is more judgemental; one is Trinity in unity, the other is unity; one died for us that we may be redeemed, the other refutes that Jesus died.

But as long as we can all agree that God is the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent transcendent creator, there can be a joint strategy for dealing with global financial meltdown.

Isn’t that so very heartening?


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Dr. John Dayal writes to Sonia Gandhi to end ethnic cleansing of Christians

Posted by jytmkh on September 1, 2008

Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:01 am (PDT)

POSTED BY: All India Christian Council office@madhuchandra .org

Subject: Dr. John Dayal writes to Sonia Gandhi to end ethnic cleansing of
Christians in Orissa

Member: National Integration Council, Government of India Wrote to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Congress President and Chairperson of UPA On behalf of All India Catholic Union and Federation of Catholic Associations of Delhi All India Christian Council Truth-Seakers International Christa bhaktamandali, Maharashtra United Christian Action, Delhi 505 Link, 18 IP Extension, Delhi 110092 India

Email: johndayal@vsnl. com

Phone: 91-11-22722262 Mobile 09811021072

28 August 2008

Honourable Mrs Sonia Gandhi

Congress President and Chairperson, UPA

10 Janpath, New Delhi

Respected Madam


Re: Call to end ethnic cleansing of Christians in Orissa

I am writing this to bring to your notice the utter failure of the Government of Orissa to bring a halt to the killing of Christians, the destruction of their properties and the persecution of their Church in the state in general, and in the district of Kandhamal in particular.

Although the Orissa government is a coalition of the Biju Janata Dal and the Bharatiya Janata Party, it is the BJP which is running the show and has complete control of the government, the police and the relief and
rehabilitation ministries. The government has also given full freedom to the RSS, the VHP to carry on their aggression on the Christian community.

I would like to point out that the Christian community has unequivocally denounced the murder of VHP vice president Lakshmananada Saraswati who was killed in Kandhamal some days ago, reportedly by Maoist groups. The state government failed thrice. They failed in December 2007 to protect Christians from VHP and RSS violence in which more then 100 churches were destroyed and thousands rendered homeless. They
failed again this time when about 30 Christians have been killed, a nun gang raped, another woman burnt alive, many priests grievously injured and hundreds of houses burnt. I am attaching herewith the list of persons killed, injured and destruction of Churches in the last four days.

There is urgent need to restore peace, to stop the targeting and persecution of Christians which is  tantamount to the Ethnic Cleansing of Christians from Orissa. VHP and its leaders like Praveen Togadia have openly said is their avowed target.

We request that:

1. The Union Government must authorise the Army to move its troops into affected blocks of Kandhamal district where the local police and RAF have failed miserably.

2. The Centre must order a CBI enquiry into the murder of the VHP leader, and he ensuing violence to trace the guilty in both cases.

3. Urgent compensation to the kin of the dead and the injured, relief and rehabilitation must be taken so that the tens of thousands of Christians now hiding in the forest of and other districts can return home. Government must rebuild their house and also rebuild every single church that has been destroyed.

Dear Madam, it is the fair name of India that is being tarnished in this anti Christian violence. The Union Government has to act, and it has to make the State Government to wake up to its constitutional responsibilities.

I am sure you will advice the Union government and request the Prime Minister to do whatever is necessary in this regard.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Dr John Dayal

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