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Managing Thoughts

Posted by jytmkh on May 16, 2008

Have you ever thought about the fact that there is never a moment when you are not thinking and that whatever you are not thinking and that whatever happens in this world begins with a thought? Here are some simple steps to help you manage your thoughts and achieve success and happiness in life.

Start watching your thoughts, without identifying them. At the outset thoughts are like the waves of the ocean, which do not stop even for a moment like the watch ticking, it’s way. Do not be discouraged by the fact that you are becoming a part of your thoughts. Just watch your thoughts as an observer. You may even get carried away by your thoughts. Never mind. What you need to do whenever you detect this, is to take yourself out of your thoughts immediately and get back as a detached observer. Just watch after some time you will be able to know your negative thoughts. Now concentrate on all the positive thoughts that you can replace these thoughts in order to switch over to a more positive attitude towards them. Unnecessary thoughts should be cut to improve the quality of necessary ones.

Keep a log book of your thoughts. Write down the happenings of the day. The log book should record both verbal and mental response. Were your thoughts positive, appropriate and adequate or were they confused, superfluous and negative? Sometimes we ask others or simply to ourselves, or think about something just like that. Ask yourself what provoked you to make the initiative to start a conversation? Was it essential? What was the purpose? Did it serve the purpose? If no, then why not? Were the words used in thinking appealing to the other person, appropriate, adequate and positive? Did you feel happy or satisfied after the interaction with the other person or with your inner self? Can you find ways of improving your performance as a thinker or a speaker? Keep in mind that log books are meant to get you started and make you aware of your negative thoughts. It is very important to be aware of these thoughts when they are just taking birth, rather than leave them for later analysis.

This is an important and vital step, for, it is here that the actual switch-over to the desired state takes place. The removal of your negative thoughts should be followed by the replacement of positive ones. Our success and happiness depends on identifying our goals precisely and chasing them effectively – both of which, in turn, depend on how well we manage our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts decide the quality of the outcomes we land up with. Thoughts have the power to materialise themselves because they are instrumental in channeling energy towards the physical or mental condition they are about. External situations and the remarks of others can harm us through our thoughts – but only to the extent our thoughts allow them to. So think positive.

Some Tips:
Talk positive quotable quotes of great people. Surround yourself with posters and cards bearing positive messages. Keep them on your table. Hang them on the walls. Paste them near the bathroom mirror and on the doors. Stick them on your watch strap. Keep them on the refrigerator. Have them on the dash board of the car. Slip them under the glass on the table in front of you. Slide them in the inner side of the briefcase you carry. Find other suitable places where you are bound to look at them every day. Remember that these messages will stale with prolonged use. So keep changing their position and contents. Do not let the momentum of these thoughts get weaker. Use them appropriately in response to specific negative thoughts. The replacing thought must be positive in every sense. Apart from being inspiring and assuring, it should also be suggestive. For example, if you confront a negative thought, “I can never succeed”, it will not suffice if you replace it with “Attack! I can succeed”. This kind of replacement may not be effective, for it sounds like wishful thinking and lacks assurance, depth and penetration. It is better to
break your replacing thought down into more definite and specific steps or instructions.

The replacing thought in this case may be “I can succeed. By earlier failures I have become rich in experience and have come to know specific areas that require special attention. I will jot them down and systematically think of the ways in which I can improve. I shall plan and then stick to it. There is absolutely no reason why I should not succeed. I will assess, plan, execute, monitor, modify and carry on with the plan, and finally succeed.

Infact, that success has already been achieved and only time separates my thoughts of success and its transformation into reality. I am committing myself to all that is required to achieve success. I am a river that knows no obstacles. I shall find my way any how – and if there is none I shall make one”. Thoughts like these can be further reinforced with emotions and images.

All this may take longer than one single replacing thought, but these are far more effective since they allow you to divide the desired target into workable units



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Five forgotten rules of the Law of Attraction

Posted by jytmkh on May 12, 2008

By Steven Aitchison

The Law of Attraction has become a buzz phrase in the last few years and a phrase that you either love or hate. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not it is still useful to look at it and apply some of the principles and experiment with them.

I have used the principles of the law of attraction on a daily basis and do see a huge difference in my life. However I have noticed a few things along the way which hinder my progress. When you know these five forgotten rules you can speed up the power of your intentions.

The five forgotten rules


  1. The more you use it the more it works – A few people have said to me that the LOA doesn’t work for them. when asked what they are doing they inevitably tell me they have tried the ‘visualization thing’ for a few days and it doesn’t work for them. I have asked them how long would they play the lottery before expecting to win anything, some said a lifetime, some said a few years, and various other answers were offered. LOA is akin to the lottery and it’s rules. First of all you have to buy a ticket before you can win it. Secondly you have to buy a ticket every week to increase your chances, however slim, of winning anything.So it is with LOA: You have to practice it everyday to gain anything from it. Unlike the lottery you always win, whether it be attracting all your goals, decreasing your stress levels through visualization, increasing you mental abilities through visualization, meeting new people along the path to your goals, you always win.
  1. Juice your intentions up with emotion – I have discovered that if I simply state an intention and visualize it and forget about it, it doesn’t come to me. If I visualize it and give it real emotions and do this everyday my goals will happen. Giving your intentions emotions are giving them energy, when you create the energy you have momentum, when you have momentum you create a power, when you have the power you are listened to, when you are listened to you will achieve your goals.This is perhaps the biggest single barrier to not achieving your desires. You have to give your desires and visualizations energy and to create the enrgy put some emotion into it.
  1. Give out more than you take – I believe that LOA is about balance in all it’s forms. If you achieve your financial goals give some back to charity or the community or offer your services free. If you achieve you goal of finding your perfect partner show gratitude by treating your partner and their family the right way. If you achieve your goal of passing your university exams make sure you use the degree wisely.
  1. Show gratitude – The reason you are here today, reading this article, is that you believed you would wake up today safe and well. A lot of people don’t have that luxury. We all get mixed up in our own worlds, and we all take our world for granted. Why not take five minutes a day to show we are grateful for the world we have.
  2. Only tell people about your success when it has been completed – This is a strange phenomenon I have noticed with the LOA. For example I had a goal to make a success of affiliate marketing and I was doing great until I started telling people about it. I wrote a post on it, I told some friends and family and almost overnight the sales stopped. And this has happened a lot in my life.I have thought about this a lot and I have come up with a reason for this:When you have an intention you work toward it and keep working until it is achieved. When you are in the middle of working toward it and you tell people about it’s current success you mind has decided you have reached your goal and therefore the energy of the intention disappears.Taking the affiliate marketing example. I worked for months studying affiliate marketing, tried a few things and failed a few times. Then I finally had some success and was making money. At this point I hadn’t told anybody about it and had a lot of drive and energy to continue making it a success. However as soon as I told someone about it my drive dropped a little, my mind energy was a little depleted with the goal and the success stopped overnight. It’s because the mind energy for that goal has lost it’s power as it already thinks you have achieved your goal as you are telling everyone how much a success you are.

    So, if you have a goal of getting £5000, don’t tell anybody about it until you have the £5000. Don’t tell them you are nearly there with £3000. read the ‘Silent Power’ to further explain this.

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Power of Thought: Growing Energy Balls

Posted by jytmkh on May 12, 2008

By Julia Melges-Jablonski
Most of the time, we take a longer and more involved “route” to fulfillment than we need to, because we tend to focus on working toward our goals through physical action rather than manifesting them through inner vision. When we employ the law of attraction and focus our full attention on what we desire, we fuel the creation of what we want in our lives. The more we focus on a particular goal, the stronger its potential becomes. Through repeated thought or focus, we actually create a thought form that becomes self-sustaining.

When I first began an Internet-based spiritual counseling practice, I created an “energy ball” to draw traffic and business. I had discovered this idea in a small old metaphysical pamphlet. I no longer recall the author or even the title, but I do remember that it worked!

 First, define your goal. I had a very clear goal of a certain number in terms of daily traffic to my site, and a certain number of readings ordered. Of course, your goal can be “true love,” more free time, achieving astral projection, etc.; just define it in as much detail as possible. It’s also essential that you believe your dream is possible. If you don’t, aim a little lower until that higher goal no longer feels out of your reach.

Once you have a clear goal, set aside about a half an hour for the exercise. You’ll want to be able to sit quietly, uninterrupted. Make sure you’re comfortable and in a positive state of mind. If you’re having a bad day or have been through emotional upset, wait until another day. The more confident and positive your state of mind, the more effective you’ll be. You might even read self-help books or success stories just prior to beginning the exercise to get into the ideal state of mind.

When you’re ready, sit quietly with your eyes closed and your palms face up in your lap. Visualize the infinite creative energy of the Universe swirling around you, like a gentle whirlpool moving all around your body. This energy is everywhere at all times, you’re simply going to channel it toward your aim. Imagine tendrils of energy forming that begin to swirl into a ball just above your upturned hands.

Watch and feel the energy growing stronger. It’s vibrant, radiant colors, like brilliant gems. Red, blue, and green swirl together, forming a beautiful sphere of moving energy. Imagine this energy growing stronger, more powerful and more cohesive. Try to feel the energy pulsing just above your palms.

This ball of energy is going to fuel the manifestation of your desire. It will remain alive and powerful and growing, just like a plant will grow naturally whether you’re there to visualize it doing so or not. Just as the sun and earth fuel the growth of a plant, so will the Universe fuel the growth of this ball of energy, which will be channeling creative power to the fulfillment of your aim no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

As you hold your ball of energy, clearly visualize your goal coming true. Hold a mental image of success, and also imagine as deeply as possible how it will feel to attain it. Imagine what you might say or hear, what you might do or where you might be. Try to make this visualization as “real” as possible. The more powerfully you can imagine success, the better.

Visualize a chord of energy moving from your ball of energy into this thought form of success. The ball of energy is never depleted, for it is fueled by an infinite supply, much as the energy in a wall socket is never depleted. Your ball of energy is plugged in and will continue to fuel your vision.

Now choose a “home” for your energy ball. Again, it’s a bit like choosing a spot for a plant. You want an out of the way corner where it can grow in peace, where it won’t get in your way, and you won’t disturb it in your daily life. A corner of the ceiling works nicely. Stand up and “pick up” your ball of energy, and “put it” in its home.

Affirm to yourself that what you desire is already in the process of manifesting, and “thank” your ball of energy for bringing you what you desire. Assume that this will work, and visualize yourself in wonder and pleasure over how such a simple exercise could create such great results, and how a half an hour spent in conscious manifesting can change your whole life.

Walk away with faith that your energy ball will keep “growing” and fueling your success.

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