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5 Keys to enlightenment

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

By Steven Aitchison

Are we all born to be enlightened, are some people there to help others become enlightened, do we really care about being enlightened and what the hell does being enlightened mean?

I would like to try and answer some of those questions here, but let me start by saying that enlightenment is a purely subjective experience and I cannot tell you what it means I can only tell you what I think.

What is enlightenment?

With all the books I’ve read, the TV programs I’ve watched,  and the seminars I’ve attended about self help and spiritual awakenings etc enlightenment has been described as a state of being.  There are some books that describe it otherwise and it is the latter of the two groups definition I will be working with.  So my definition of enlightenment is:

Enlightenment is a brief awakening of the mind when all prejudices and discriminations are momentarily set aside, and the world around you becomes a source of wonder.

The emphasis here is on ‘brief’.  I don’t think it is possible to be in a constant state of enlightenment but I do believe we get a glimpse of it from time to time and we can learn to experience more of these brief moments.  The trick is recognising the glimpses.

Have you have had an enlightened experience? It’s an experience hard to describe to people, one in which you were happy with your lot just for being alive, just for having the people in your life and just for having the intelligence to appreciate it all. It’s like momentarily waking up from a state of grogginess to a state of heightened awareness.

Think of the time when you first get out of bed in the morning, really groggy, you stumble about with your eyes half closed, you’re groaning as you try and fumble for the bathroom light, you stub your little toe off the end of the bed, the light from the bathroom hurts your eyes and eventually after half an hour or so you are able to function well enough to have a conversation.  Now, think of the time of day when you are at your peak, usually just before lunchtime, all your senses are working properly, you are able to do lots all the things you need as you go about your work day, you are in a state of heightened alert and your brain is in gear and ready for the rest of the day.  Enlightenment moments are the difference between the first scenario I described when you first get up in the morning and when you are at your peak in the middle of the day.  We are all half asleep in our lives and we are waking up year by year with little moments of enlightenment.

An example of one of my enlightened moments is when I first awoke from having a lucid dream.  Lucid dreams are the dreams when you consciously wake up in your dream, you know you are dreaming but you continue to stay in the dream and you can actually control it, it’s amazing.  I woke up that morning amazed, astonished and full of wonderment at the power of the mind, the brain and the possibilities of this amazing type of experience. I was elated and the world suddenly became a source of wonderment.  I looked at people with deep compassion, I looked about my home town and the beauty of it’s architecture , it’s art and it’s sense of culture.  I was on cloud nine for about a week and it was truly amazing, the world never looked the same after that and the people in it would never be the same.  I was much more confident and felt I had a place in the world and had something to contribute.  I didn’t concern myself about how people would react to me when I spoke or did certain things I previously thought they might disapprove of, I was totally myself and loving the experience.

That’s just one example of one of my enlightened moments and it changed my life forever, that’s how powerful an experience like this can be.  To you it might sound a little out there and you might not understand what I am talking about but when you have one of these experiences you will know exactly where I am coming from.

5 Keys to enlightenment

  1. Recognise that enlightenment is a purely subjective experience,  nobody can tell you how to become enlightened  as it is your own inner journey.
  2. Learn to recognise the little moments when you do become enlightened as they are moments you suddenly grow as a person and your brain suddenly plugs you into another part of the universe.
  3. Don’t go chasing enlightenment as it comes to you when you least expect it.  It could be something as simple as seeing your baby walk for the first time, feeling compassion for someone, reading a book, kissing your spouse.  Don’t chase it but learn to recognise it.
  4. Write your enlightenment moments down in a special book.  You might only write in that book once a year but you’ll be glad you did.
  5. Try and resist the temptation to tell everyone about your enlightened experience as nobody will understand it and they will think you are losing your mind,  which will detract from the experience itself.  By all means tell the people who are closest to you and the people who really understand you but not your work colleagues or your drinking buddies, trust me they will think you are losing it. 

I would love to hear you stories of enlightened experiences so feel free to leave a comment about your experience of enlightenment.




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Silent power

Posted by jytmkh on November 12, 2008

By Steven Aitchison

Silent power is the ability to keep something held deep within yourself therefore allowing you an inner strength and determination which builds up to confidence.

 When I was younger I used to think being quiet and introverted was a sign of weakness, to me it meant I didn’t have the confidence to be in amongst my peers. For years I tried to get rid of this and tried to be more gregarious and a ‘bit of a lad’ but nothing I tried worked. Eventually I came to the realization I was this way because of my confidence not through lack of confidence. I didn’t mind being in groups, I loved to listen to everybody else and listen to the banter. However I still tried to surround myself with people who I wanted to be like, all my friends were very outgoing, very confident, and quite arrogant. After a few years and an event that changed my life I decided to drop my friends, all except one, and move on. After this I became much more comfortable with who I was and I loved being the strong, silent mysterious type. Ironically I became more outgoing but still kept that inner silence.

Inner Strength

Being silent has strength about it. Have you ever held onto a secret for someone? They’ve made you promise not to tell anyone and it was a really juicy secret? How did it feel when the secret eventually came out and the person who told you not to tell anyone knew it wasn’t you it came from? I would guess you felt proud, strong and a closer connection to the person. Now have you ever done the opposite? told the secret you weren’t supposed to, how did you feel then? Exactly the opposite: disappointed in yourself, disloyal, etc.

Keeping things to yourself, in an unselfish way, has a strength which is manifested
in your personality and subsequently your aural energy. Your aural energy is
the energy you give off every day, people cannot necessarily see it but somehow
they can feel it and sense it coming from you. People who brag about themselves
all the time lose this energy and have to gain it from somewhere else, they
want to feel important so they brag and boost stealing energy from people that
give them attention.

I remember when I was a teenager my friends used to brag about the girls they had been with and something inside me thought it was wrong to ‘kiss and tell’ so when I went out with a girl I didn’t say anything, I usually said ‘we had a good night’ and left it at that. I once told the whole sordid details and ended up feeling shit about myself, the girl I had bragged about felt shit, and a lot of other people thought I was a right shit, needless to say I never ever did it again.

The next time you feel like bragging or boosting about something or giving away a secret, try your hardest to hold onto it and see how much inner power it gives you and how strong you feel after it. Once you’ve felt this power you will never want to tell another persons secret or brag again.

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